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Hastrman Nöck Water sprite

Hastrman - ubytování v soukromí


U Pošty 264
533 61 Choltice


Marie Jerlingová
Tel.: +420 736 678 824

Your easy way to Hastrman
(The Water' sprite).

From Přelouč to Choltice it is only 9 km away from the centre of the town Přelouč you will go towards the town of Pardubice. On the way through a village, there is a Valy, you will turn on a crossroad to the right and then go straight through the village Veselý to Choltice.on the outskirts there is the first crossroad where you will turn to the left to be directed to Jeníkovice but after only about 100m you will see a small bridge with a white railing and before it you will turn sharp right onto a private road and onto a parking area. From there you will see our family hotel Hastrman.

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